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Our mission is to leave an everlasting effect wherever we go, from either visiting or just being around every Christ follower and every non Christ follower. That something we carry and deposit into each and ever life that we come in contact with would be so relevant and timely to those people, just as Jesus and His disciples deposited into people everywhere they visited, every home they stepped into, every city they walked through, and every church (synagogue) they had an opportunity to speak in.

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We believe whole heartedly that the same Jesus that died for us and then rose up on the third day, would rise up in us, rise up in our ministry and rise up within the people we touch as it did in the days that the Bible speaks about. Ultimately leaving behind the evidence of rejuvenated and recharged Christ followers, both new and old.

The Church, the Children, the Bride of Christ must take their rightful place without any excuses, wether you believe it or not, there is an expectation that God has on us, that’s why He sent His Son to die for us! There is a task that we must fulfill while we’re still alive and breathing! The clock is ticking for someone, someone that you are being asked to reach, but it’s going to take something from you in order to reach them. It may require you to get a little uncomfortable, it may require you to risk something, for some of you it may take your ability to give financial resources to someone so that they can go where God is sending them. Don’t think for a moment that it’s not going to require something from you, because in most cases it is! And in most cases it requires something you already possess that you didn’t realize you already had!

The question we must ask ourselves is are we done? Do we feel that confident with ourselves that we can just coast easily to the finish line? Or do we believe what the Bible truly says when it says that God’s heart, God’s desire is that NONE SHALL PERISH!!!

What are you believing today? Do you believe that there’s something else you need to do before you take your final breath? Do you feel stuck? Do you feel tired or exhausted? Are you dealing with hurt? Is there someone you need to forgive? Are you refusing to forgive? Can you love again? Can you even love for the first time? Do you even know how to love? Are you afraid? Are you scared? Are you depressed? Has someone started rumors about you? Has someone betrayed you? Has someone unfairly judged you? Has someone betrayed you? Has someone inappropriately taken advantage of you? Has someone lied to you? Has someone cheated on you, one or multiple times? Has someone stole or taken something or someone from you? Has someone taken someone’s life that you love? Has disease taken someone’s life that you love? Has addiction taken or overtaken someone’s life that you love? Has suicide taken someone’s life that you love? WHATS HOLDING YOU BACK FROM LIVING OUT THE BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE?


Carmine & Jules Azzato

Carmine and Jules’s intention is to truly deposit what God has given them, so that multitudes of people are set free indeed. To impart what Jesus has prayed and believed for in seeing all church bodies come together as one, as He and His Father are one, regardless of the churches denominational banners or beliefs. To see true sustained transformation in every city, region and nation that we are invited to come and minister.

Wherever we tread our feet, Jesus will indeed be glorified!

~ Carmine & Jules Azzato

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Carmine Azzato was born and raised in Brooklyn New York, at age 17 Carmine became a professional wrestler, both nationally and internationally, his career lasted a total of 23 years. During his wrestling career Carmine was married at age 21, then went through an extremely tough divorced, and afterwards he has gone through a few more heart wrenching relationships. In 2000 Carmine suffered with a career ending injury, then a bout with the law in 2001, when his life began to spiral downwards, Carmine wound up giving his life to the Lord in November of 2002, after being ministered to by two friends. Carmine began to realize that wrestling wasn’t exactly what he was called to do, the church where Carmine got saved recognized some of his gifts and therefore, Carmine began evangelizing to the lost almost immediately. In 2008 Carmine was ordained at Upper Room Christian World Center in New York, and was quickly on his way to fulfilling the evangelistic destiny that God had placed on his life. In 2009 Carmine relocated to Indianapolis Indiana, and began transitioning as he finally entered into the ministry full time as a Pastor & Evangelist in 2013.

Jules Azzato was born and raised in Crawfordsville Indiana, after graduating high school in 1994 Jules immediately got married and began her family. The next few years Jules was blessed with the births of 3 wonderful children. Life began to take some unexpected twists and turns, and in 2009 Jules found herself as a single mother raising 3 teenagers and working a full time job over the next 8 years. Jules had no choice but to enter into the workforce while raising her children. Dealing with the torment of having to take on a job while raising her kids, she struggled with having to be away from the children in order to survive financially. Jules continued leaning on God and seek a deeper spiritual relationship with Him, it was where her strength came from to get her through.

Jules and Carmine’s met in October of 2016, both were simultaneously going through some of the toughest battles and getting through some of the greatest disappointments of their lives. As their friendship began to grow stronger, God began to reveal new levels to both of them. Jules began to encounter God in a whole new way. It was almost daily that she began experience something so new, and something so real, words could hardly explain it. (like in the book of Acts) Carmine was also experiencing these types of encounters, as God was moving him into a much deeper level of wisdom, truth and understanding. God was restoring and renewing his heart and mind, preparing them both for this new journey He’s getting ready to take them on.

One thing was certain, God took two people that were going through the toughest times of their lives, that lived 45 minutes away from each other in Indiana, had them both go on a trip as total strangers, and then crossed their paths in Orlando Florida. The rest is their testimonies that you’ll hopefully hear about some day. But in February of 2017 God fully restored these two lives as they came together in marriage to the Glory of God!!!

It was apparent that Gods timing was absolutely perfect! And for the next several months God began speaking clearly to both Carmine and Jules, as they continued to seek after God’s divine direction for their ministry, Destiny’s Keys International. God began to download not only strategies and direction, He began to impart into them the intention of their ministry, as to what they will actually deposit each end every place He sends them.

Carmine and Jules have not only come together as Husband and Wife but as ministry partners. With Carmines ministerial experience and his and Jules’s unwavering obedience, passion and love for Jesus, it’s apparent that this ministry best days are just ahead of them.

Knowing Who You Are!

There's no greater power than knowing who you are in Christ Jesus. We minister biblical truths with the hopes of reinforcing them to the full measure of who they were created to be.

Understanding Your Purpose!

We know first hand how important this is for the Body of Christ! Understanding your purpose is the vehicle that will drive your ability to become passionate in everything you do!!!

Putting Your Thoughts Into Actions!

Our hope as a ministry is to produce doers! Becoming a doer is such a powerful key to your breakthrough! Converting your God given ideas into realities will move you further than you've ever expected!

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