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Our Mission

Our mission is to leave an everlasting effect wherever we go, from either visiting or just being around every Christ follower and every non Christ follower. That something we carry and deposit into each and ever life that we come in contact with would be so relevant and timely to those people, just as Jesus and His disciples deposited into people everywhere they visited, every home they stepped into, every city they walked through, and every church (synagogue) they had an opportunity to speak in.


Carmine & Jules Azzato

Carmine and Jules’s intention is to truly deposit what God has given them, so that multitudes of people are set free indeed. To impart what Jesus has prayed and believed for in seeing all church bodies come together as one, as He and His Father are one, regardless of the churches denominational banners or beliefs. To see true sustained transformation in every city, region and nation that we are invited to come and minister.

Wherever we tread our feet, Jesus will indeed be glorified!

~ Carmine & Jules Azzato

Knowing Who You Are!

There's no greater power than knowing who you are in Christ Jesus. We minister biblical truths with the hopes of reinforcing them to the full measure of who they were created to be.

Understanding Your Purpose!

We know first hand how important this is for the Body of Christ! Understanding your purpose is the vehicle that will drive your ability to become passionate in everything you do!!!

Putting Your Thoughts Into Actions!

Our hope as a ministry is to produce doers! Becoming a doer is such a powerful key to your breakthrough! Converting your God given ideas into realities will move you further than you've ever expected!

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